2015 Plan

In 2015 we will revitalize our organisation so it delivers meaningful engagement for members whilst maintaining its reputation for well-balanced commentary and influence in the telecommunications sector.

Our Strategic Priorities


  1. Strong involvement in the Telco Review

  2. Encourage further international connectivity

  3. Engage and provide leadership in improving Rural Broadband

  4. Respond to the Copper FPP outcome

  5. Develop a clear position on Content including copyright


  1. Revitalise TUANZ branded Courses
  2. Develop an understanding of the convergence of technologies
  3. Build links to Tertiary Institutions and their students
  4. Identify if Schools are a priority


  1. Run 7 networking events  in each of the three main centres

  2. Work on reinstituting TUANZ flagship events

  3. Identify partner benefit programme opportunities

  4. Involve members in advocacy work


  1. Attract new members

  2. Develop a future looking strategic plan for the organisation

  3. Rebuild TUANZ financial reserves

  4. Identify and formalise relevant alliances