We are the association for the users of digital technology and connectivity.


By 2033, all businesses and individuals in Aotearoa will have unrestricted access to the technology and services needed to thrive; no one misses out on the opportunities in technology and digital engagement is safe and inclusive for all.


To ensure New Zealand makes the most of the digitally connected world.






We will be the strong independent voice for users navigating a complex digital world.


  • We will advocate for all in Aotearoa to have equal access to meaningful technology, digital services and connectivity.
  • We will proactively speak with media and decision makers so that users have a powerful voice on key issues.
  • We will partner with key industry stakeholders to advance mutual objectives.

We will help our member community prepare to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital technology future.


  • To provide forums which encourages New Zealanders to make the most of the opportunities available in the digital technology economy.
  • To help keep New Zealanders safe by providing practical tools and services relating to cyber security.
  • To support the development of the next generation of leaders who are involved in digitally enabled businesses.

We will ensure TUANZ is operationally positioned to achieve its purpose.


  • We will implement a sustainable membership model that is aligned with our purpose and activities.
  • We will implement a communications strategy that will ensure valuable, interesting, accessible, and timely, and relevant member engagement.

TUANZ Members

TUANZ is a not-for-profit membership association with over 30 years of positive telecommunications change in our history. We’re comprised of over 170 members, predominantly large organisations with a strong dependency on telecommunications technology as well as small enterprises.

We are also here for the little guy – we serve a representative group of SMEs and individual members. These small businesses and residential users are the customers of our large corporate members, who are just as focused on the quality of their customers’ connectivity as their own.

A history of leading change

Over the past 30 years, TUANZ has lobbied and agitated to achieve positive change on behalf of telecommunications users.

Early on, we were something of a voice in the wilderness, but over time our messages became accepted as mainstream. Regulation and policy that TUANZ has campaigned for and supported have played a big part in the introduction of internationally-orthodox regulation and policy which has paved the way for the more open and competitive environment we now see.

Because of TUANZ’s achievements, telecommunications in New Zealand is now truly competitive. No longer can service providers exploit market dominance. This means prices have come down significantly and service has improved as customers now have far more choice of services. We focus on outcomes, and we achieve them.

170 +

TUANZ Members

and counting…


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