New Zealand is on the verge of a great new age of super-connectivity. Very soon, ultrafast broadband will criss-cross the length and breadth of this country bringing ubiquitous connectivity to nearly all Kiwis.

It will enable businesses to improve productivity, and to deal far more efficiently with well-connected customers.

Families, wherever they live, will become far better connected.  Smart young Kiwis will be much more attracted to living here rather than overseas. The world’s capitals will be on our electronic doorstep, while we will become earlier adopters of leading-edge services like fibre-powered television on demand.

Yet building the infrastructure is only part of the challenge.  We need to use it creatively to transform the way we do business and live our lives.

That’s a challenge not only for the telecommunications industry and the government, but for you – the user. Users will need solid strategies and a strong voice.

That’s where TUANZ excels. We’ve been instrumental in getting the connectivity to the top of the political agenda. Now we must prepare our members and the wider community to take full advantage of this vast opportunity. We intend to play a leading role in creating and promoting the vision of a New Zealand transformed by ultra fast connectivity.


TUANZ is a not-for-profit membership association with over 30 years of positive telecommunications change in our history.  We comprise of over 170 members, predominantly large organisations with a strong dependency on telecommunications technology as well as small enterprises.   At the top-end our members include:

  • major government departments
  • major banks and credit card companies
  • insurance firms
  • supermarket and fast food chains
  • financial institutions
  • transport operators
  • universities and tertiary institutions
  • IT vendors
  • telecommunications carriers
  • leading exporters of both products and intellectual capital.

We are also here for the little guy – we serve a representative group of SMEs and individual members. These small businesses and residential users are the customers of our large corporate members, who are just as focused on the quality of their customers’ connectivity as their own.

Please join us. Let’s take this leap into our digital future together.


Over the past 30 years, TUANZ has lobbied and agitated to achieve positive change on behalf of telecommunications users. 

Early on, we were something of a voice in the wilderness, but over time our messages became accepted as mainstream. Regulation and policy that TUANZ has campaigned for and supported have played a big part in the introduction of internationally-orthodox regulation and policy which has paved the way for the more open and competitive environment we now see.

Over that time TUANZ has seen:

  • Introduction of highly-effective completion law and regulation through the Telecommunications Act 2001, and Amendment Act 2006
  • The opening up of exchanges as a result of Local Loop Unbundling and naked DSL
  • Number portability, both fixed and mobile
  • A voluntary, industry-run customer complaints and disputes resolution scheme
  • Establishment of an effective wholesale arm within Telecom
  • Operational separation of Telecom
  • Launch of the third mobile network – from two incompatible networks to three with interchangeable SIM cards
  • The $1.5 billion Government Broadband Investment Initiative
  • Government funding boost for rural broadband
  • Action to reduce excessive, anti competitive mobile termination rates

Because of TUANZ’s achievements, telecommunications in New Zealand is now truly competitive. No longer can service providers exploit market dominance. This means prices have come down significantly and service has improved as customers now have far more choice of services. 

You can read more about the last 30 years of leading change here.

We focus on outcomes, and we achieve them.  



TUANZ’s operations are governed by a board elected from among its members. Board members volunteer their time and represent the diversity of the TUANZ membership base and the user community. The Board promotes members’ interests on a wide range of issues, while providing governance and oversight for the running of the association.


TUANZ’s staff comprises a lean, but highly-motivated team, led by its chief executive and supported by enthusiastic and exceptionally experienced specialists. It’s their mission to not only keep TUANZ running but deliver great service to its members in the form of top quality events, networking and information.

Member Interaction

TUANZ aims to be an invaluable source of information and advice to our members with a lively flow of information through our website, newsletter, reports and special publications. The TUANZ weekly member newsletter provides up-to-minute updates and practical advice on critical issues, while periodic special reports offer more in-depth insights. We also ensure close contact with our members through our calendar of conferences and events, delivering vital information to our members. 

Policy Influence

With a loud voice and sheer persistence TUANZ ensures policymakers are left with no doubt as to what telecommunications users need and demand of them. We knock on doors, rattle trees and rustle feathers to make certain our members’ wishes are heard and heeded in the offices of the politicians and officials who decide and administer telecommunications policies in New Zealand. We lobby hard, engage directly at all levels of Government, write screeds of submissions and vocally offer our opinion even when it is not asked for – and especially then. Telecommunications is a high profile public policy topic, and it’s our style to expose our arguments to public scrutiny at every opportunity. Backed by a substantial constituency representing a broad swath of New Zealand’s business and society, our voice and right to be heard has been tough for any Government or carrier to ignore.

Opinion leadership

TUANZ strives to be a thought leader on all the fast-moving telecommunications and related issues affecting our members. We maintain strong links with experts both locally and overseas, regularly attend world-leading conferences and engage in constant learning to keep abreast of the latest trends and wisdoms in the global telecommunications universe.  TUANZ maintains close affiliations with:

We also interact regularly with the OECD and other influential world bodies.  

Through this we develop sound, well-rounded and meticulously researched opinions on matters of concern to our members.

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