FLINT  is our Future Leaders programme for individuals at the beginning of their careers usually within a TUANZ members or other supporting organisations.  Our Vision for this programme is to facilitate the development of knowledge and exposure of members to senior people and ideas within the industry so that in years to come FLINT members will be in executive roles with communication technology responsibility.

FLINT is in Auckland, Wellington, the Waikato and Christchurch.  

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2018 Programme

In 2017 we hosted a number of amazing events, with the “bringing your best” series and the November Future of Work conference in Auckland being highlights – along with the launch of FLINT in the Waikato.

The teams in all four locations have been working on a programme that leverages the national reach along with the interests in each location.  This year is going to be another step up for FLINT and TUANZ and so we’re incredibly pleased to able to publish the 2018 FLINT programme for each location.  

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Back in 2013, four recent graduates who were working at Chorus and Vodafone, had the thought that it would be great if there was a forum where people like themselves could share experiences and learn about the industry they found themselves working in.  This led to the launch in October 2013 of the Future Leaders in Telecommunications (or FLINT) group which was all about creating opportunities to meet, talk, and be inspired about the future leaders of a diverse, dynamic and exciting industry.  

Over the first year in 2014, FLINT hosted a number of events where graduates, apprentices and school leavers within the industry came together.  In 2015 TUANZ began trialling a leadership programme which was aimed at aspiring leaders with our member organisations.  In early 2016 FLINT became part of TUANZ combining the volunteer leadership with the resources of TUANZ to ensure FLINT continues to grow.


For more than 25 years, The Skills Organisation has been helping train up the next generation of tradies and professionals. They work closely with industries to ensure that qualifications provide them, and employers, with the right skills.  

As the largest telecommunications field services provider in Australasia, Visionstream provides innovative, whole-of-life solutions from design, supply and construct to operations and maintenance.

Enable is providing fibre broadband services to homes, businesses and schools in Christchurch and in a number of towns in the Waimakariri and Selwyn Districts – as part of the national ultra-fast broadband initiative.  Enable is our proud partner with FLINT in Christchurch.


The FLINT programme was formally re-launched on Monday 4th July 2016 at an evening event hosted by MyRepublic.  Nearly 200 students, young leaders and TUANZ member representatives attended the evening and heard Vaughan Baker (MD of MyRepublic) and Sophie Stanley (Head of Rural at Figured) talk about their leadership journeys and the lessons learned along the way. 

Auckland Leadership Group

The current Auckland leadership group in is made up of the following volunteers:

Adele Good – Devoli
Alex Powell – Vodafone (Secretary, Auckland Team)
Anastasiia Kolimasova – Spark

Caitlin Gosling – Spark
Christopher Lukar – BNZ
Clayton Balle – Westpac, TUANZ Board member
Evan Fong – Vodafone

Holly Cushen – Chorus
Karen Myburgh – Chorus (Media, Auckland Team)
Max Thomson – Westpac

Mikhael Afon – Visionstream (Chair, Auckland Team)
Ryan King – Vodafone
Saba Tavakolinejad – Check Point

Shilpa Ranchhod – Vodafone
Stephanie Gleeson – Chorus (Co-Secretary, Auckland Team)
Supported by Craig Young, CEO, TUANZ



The FLINT programme was formally launched in Wellington on Monday 5th December 2016 at an evening event again hosted by MyRepublic. Nearly 75 young leaders and TUANZ member representatives attended the evening and heard Vaughan Baker and Rohulla Mehri (of MyRepublic) and Anna Guenther (at PledgeMe) talk about their careers and the importance of being involved with groups like FLINT and TUANZ.

Wellington Leadership Group

The current Wellington leadership group in is made up of the following volunteers:

Daniel Madley – MBIE 
Dylan Connolly – InternetNZ
Eve Williams – HortNZ (Media, Wellington Team)

Ferne Cheetham – KPMG
Maryann Nicholson – InternetNZ
Michael Baughen – HousingNZ
Nicola Brown – InternetNZ
Olivia Schultz Duffy – Vodafone

Thomas Mitchell – Independant
Zoe Udy – Haunt Digital (Chair, Wellington Team)

Supported by Craig Young, CEO, TUANZ


On the 26th September 2017, the FLINT programme we launched in the Waikato at an evening event hosted by UltraFast Fibre and MyRepublic.  

Waikato Leadership Group

The current Waikato leadership group in is made up of the following volunteers:

Dana Hussey – KPMG
Daniel Wright – Fonterra
Hayden Megchelse – KPMG
Karen Nibungco – UltraFast Fibre
Ken Yew – KPMG
Reid McKenzie – Chorus
Sami Sauni – UltraFast Fibre (Media, Waikato Team)
Travis Corrie – UltraFast Fibre (Chair, Waikato Team)
Zoe Buckley – Chorus
Supported by Craig Young, CEO, TUANZ


FLINT was launched in Christchurch on Wednesday 21st February 2018.  

Christchurch Leadership Group

The current Christchurch leadership group in is made up of the following volunteers:

Chris Odom – 2degrees 
David Everett – NDA
Janelle Cargill – Become – Financial Advisors (Media, Christchurch Team)
Jarrod Brumm – Westpac
Kim Anderson-Smith – Ecochem
Petra Jackson – NZ Safety Blackwoods (Chair, Christchurch Team)
Sophie Ricketts – Spark
Stephen Hudson – Vodafone
TK Buchanan – NectarGroup (Secretary, Christchurch Team)
Supported by Craig Young, CEO, TUANZ


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Updated 19th July 2018