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Relaunch of TechLeaders Executive Group.

Join us for breakfast on Tue 18 June at the MSocial Lounge, MSocial Hotel, Auckland

We are excited to be relaunching our TechLeaders Executive Group, on Tuesday 18 June 2024.  Join us for an engaging morning as we officially launch this years Digital Priorities Report over a delicious networking breakfast. We will hear from our panelists:

Simon Bridges, CEO, Auckland Business Chambers;

Tony Baird, Chief Technology Officer, One NZ; and

Liz Gosling, Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer, AUT, and Co-Chair, Tech Leaders Executive Group

They will explore the key themes from the report, and what this means for Aotearoa.

Liz Gosling will then officially relaunch the Tech Leaders Executive, a membership group who benefit from private networking opportunities, the ability to work together to address significant issues, learning opportunities for their teams, and positioning as a technology leader. 

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This event to launch the Digital Priorities report and relaunch TechLeaders is supported by One New Zealand.

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