What we’ve done
Over the past 27 years, TUANZ has lobbied and agitated to achieve positive change on behalf of telecommunications users.  TUANZ has campaigned and supported and played a big part in the introduction of internationally-orthodox regulation and policy which has paved the way for the more open and competitive environment we now see.

What we offer

  • Advocacy – there’s no doubt that the TUANZ voice is heard.  We’ve been instrumental is pushing the government to an investment in fibre totalling a $1.8bn spend across urban and rural infrastructure.
  • Competitive advantage: Knowledge, information and understanding is the key to success.  TUANZ provides its member organisations with a hotline to the telecommunications industry – reporting regularly, often daily, on movements in the market place particularly as the national infrastructure and its delivery is unveiled.
  • International connections: APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group (APECTel); the International Telecommunications Users Group (INTUG) and the European Competitive Telecommunications Association (ECTA). We also interact regularly with the OECD and other influential world bodies.
  • Member Interaction: TUANZ aims to be an invaluable source of information and advice to our members with a lively flow of information through our website, blogs, reports and special publications. The TUANZ blogs provide up-to-minute updates and practical advice on critical issues, while periodic special reports offer more in-depth insights.
  • Professional Development – all our events give members the opportunity to learn about new developments in ICT.  This is open to all your employees.
  • Sponsorship opportunities: Alongside all TUANZ events we offer sponsorship opportunities to our members, helping to deliver your message to our members.

Benefit for you 
Because of TUANZ’s achievements:

  • You now have a choice – telecommunications in New Zealand is now truly competitive.
  • Lower cost of operation.
  • Higher portability across networks easing telecommunications change processes.
  • You are closer to your customers.
  • Engagement – your leaders are knowledgeable, well networked and well informed.
  • Retention – your employees are offered cost effective opportunities for development through training and networking.

There’s always more events and opportunities in the pipeline too. Stay tuned.


Your support will enable TUANZ to:

  • continue to deliver value to the users of New Zealand – your business, your clients, your staff and their children.
  • continue to agitate, lobby and activate the hearts and minds of government and industry
  • develop future value offerings for our members – ensuring our thought leadership provides a return back to you.

A faster smarter, more connected New Zealand is how you will be helping us.

Join TUANZ today.