Membership Terms & Conditions

  • All fees quoted are exclusive of GST.
  • Members are asked to select their category of membership, however TUANZ reserves the right to make the final decision. In addition the member agrees to inform TUANZ if their circumstances change which affects their membership classification.
  • The member agrees that the membership category selected is commensurate with the size of their organisation.
  • In applying for individual membership the member agrees that the benefits of TUANZ membership will be used for the individuals benefit and not for the benefit of any employer company or organisation. Companies wishing to enjoy membership benefits must join up in their own right. Acceptance as an individual member is at the discretion of the TUANZ Board. Benefits of individual membership are not transferable.   Individual members are only allowed a single voting authority.
  • Corporate members are entitled to have any employee take advantage of member benefits.
  • The TUANZ membership year runs from 1 April to 31 March the following year.
  • Upon acceptance by TUANZ, the member agrees to to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of the Association as well as the conditions of membership including those set out here.

If you are looking to Join TUANZ then head over to the Join TUANZ page and fill out the relevant form.

Event Terms & Conditions


You may reassign your registration to another person from your company by notifying TUANZ at any stage.  If you are unable to arrange a replacement, a refund (less administration costs) will be made providing written notification is received 5 working days before the event.  There will be NO refunds for cancellations received less than 5 full working days before the event.  Please contact the team at TUANZ on 09 488 1888 or if you have any queries.

PLEASE NOTE, The cancellation policy may differ slightly between events. Please refer to the specific event page on the TUANZ website.

For free events, it would be much appreciated if you could, as a courtesy, please email if you do have to cancel your registration.

Liability for postponement or cancellation of the event

TUANZ is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of a speaker substitution, alteration, cancellation or postponement of this event.

If the event is altered, rescheduled, postponed, cancelled or rendered inadvisable, impracticable or impossible due to a fortuitous event or unforeseen occurrence TUANZ shall not be liable for any loss or damage directly or indirectly arising  from a failure to perform any term of this contract.  For the purposes of this clause a fortuitous event shall include an Act of God, fire, armed conflict, disaster, civil commotion, government restrictions and/or regulations, riots, terrorism or an act of terrorism; any emergency, curtailment, suspension and/or restriction on transportation facilities/means of transportation or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of TUANZ.  No refunds will be made.