2020 Vision for the Future

TUANZ has been representing users and leading change in the telecommunications industry for thirty years. Our aim is to ensure that New Zealand makes the most of our digitally connected world

Thirty years ago a group of New Zealanders saw the need to bring users’ voices into the centre of the telecommunications industry, and to challenge both providers and government to modernise an outdated but essential enabler of our economic growth. 

Today TUANZ remains committed to representing the users of telecommunications in New Zealand in an era of unprecedented digital opportunity. 

To mark our 30th year we are looking into the future. We have interviewed industry leaders throughout New Zealand to get their insights into what they believe we need from the telecommunications industry, in 2020 and beyond. 

We look forward to continuing this conversation with New Zealand about how we can make the most of our digitally connected world.

CEO Craig Young

Chief Information Officer Dawie Oliver

Spark Platforms
Chief Digital Officer Dr Clare Barber

Group Manager Allan Frost

CEO Anna Guenther

Global Head of Agribusiness Ian Proudfoot

Hon Amy Adams
Communications Minister

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