An announcement


Thursday March 27, 2014

The Board of TUANZ regrets to announce that chief executive Paul Brislen is to leave the association after three and a half years at the helm.

Paul joined TUANZ in late 2010 and has overseen dramatic changes to both TUANZ and to the wider telecommunications market as well.

In that time we’ve seen the break-up of Telecom, the launch of a new Telecommunications Act and the roll outs of both Ultra Fast Broadband and Rural Broadband Initiatives, the introduction of new GCSB and telecommunications interception laws, the introduction of a new Telecommunications Commissioner and the start of the final chapter of copper regulation.

Under Paul’s leadership, TUANZ has fought against the introduction of a ten year regulatory holiday and the copper tax and has championed the needs of the user at every turn.

“We are sad to see Paul depart, but are proud of what TUANZ has achieved under Paul’s leadership over recent years. We part as good friends and wish him well in his new endeavour”, says TUANZ Chair, Pat O’Connell.

“The last three years have been a tremendous learning curve for me, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with TUANZ,” says outgoing CEO Paul Brislen.

“I want to thank the TUANZ board for all their support both of the organisation and of me personally and wish them well in the hunt for a new CEO. I’d like to especially thank those members who’ve supported the association through difficult economic times to ensure we’re still around to fight the good fight. The role TUANZ plays is unique in the New Zealand economy and it’s a vitally important one. Now is a good time to pass the baton on to a new CEO as we lead into the election cycle with all that entails,” says Brislen.

“There is clearly plenty we need to do; our search for a new CEO begins immediately”, says O’Connell.


TUANZ is the Telecommunication Users Association of New Zealand and represents telco users throughout New Zealand. For more information see: