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TUANZ Life Members

TUANZ is committed to recognising and honouring individuals who have made significant and enduring contributions to the association over an extended period.

Current Life Members

Ernie Newman
Ernie Newman
Don Wallace

Why we recognise our life members

Acknowledging Commitment and Dedication: The Life Membership category is intended to honour and acknowledge members who have displayed exceptional dedication, commitment, and service to the association throughout their involvement. These individuals have consistently gone above and beyond in supporting and furthering the association’s objectives.

Retention of Valuable Members: Creating a Life Membership category will incentivize members to remain engaged and actively involved with the association over the long term. Such recognition encourages individuals to maintain their commitment even beyond regular terms or official roles, leading to a stronger and more stable association.

Inspiring Others: Bestowing Life Membership on deserving individuals serves as an inspiration for other members to increase their contributions and involvement within the association. The recognition of their peers’ achievements will encourage members to emulate similar levels of commitment, resulting in a positive impact on the association’s overall productivity and growth.

Symbol of Excellence: The Life Membership category will symbolise excellence and exceptional service within our association. This distinction will signify an individual’s exceptional achievements and contributions to the association’s mission, values, and vision.

Member Pride and Satisfaction: Life Membership is a prestigious honour that will instill a sense of pride and satisfaction among the recipients. By recognising their invaluable contributions formally, we demonstrate our appreciation and gratitude for their efforts, fostering a sense of belonging and loyalty to the association.

Our Criteria for Identifying and Awarding Life Membership

  • Length of Service: The primary criterion for Life Membership consideration is the length of service and active involvement within the association. Individuals must have demonstrated a substantial commitment and contribution to the association over an extended period, typically a minimum of 15 years of active participation.
  • Impact and Influence: Consideration will be given to the impact and influence the individual has had on the association’s growth, achievements, and overall success. This includes contributions to programs, events, initiatives, and other endeavours that have positively affected the association’s mission.
  • Leadership and Volunteerism: The nominee’s leadership qualities, volunteerism, and willingness to take on responsibilities within the association will be taken into account. Their capacity to inspire and support others within the community will also be considered.
  • Continuous Support: Candidates should have consistently supported the association through their membership, attendance at events, financial contributions, and active involvement in various roles.

Benefits for Life Members

For individuals that are selected by the Board as Life Members the following will be the benefits:

  • Free annual membership of TUANZ for life unless declined
  • Free ticket to one annual Flagship event
  • Presentation of a certificate recognising their selection at the AGM or first event they attend after announcement
  • Recognition in a Press Release and inclusion on TUANZ website


The nomination process is open at any time for any association members to submit individuals for consideration as a life member. Nominations may be made by any active member in good standing and will be received by the CEO of the association.

Life Member nomination

Who is the nominee?

Who is the nominating individual?