Would you like fries with that?

Last week I called for a national digital architecture and I’ve
been having several email conversations about how to proceed with this somewhat
nebulous plan with a number of people far brighter than I am.

One thing seems certain – there’s a desire and a keenness to
get on with it, lest New Zealand be left behind.

Quite how far behind is evident in this blog post (“Computer
science in Vietnam
”) which I strongly urge you all to read. It won’t take long,
unless like me you get struck dumb by what you’re reading.

 If we don’t come up with a way forward that brings all New Zealand with it, we’ll have to teach our kids how to say “hello and welcome to our beautiful country” for all the rich visitors who will journey here. Assuming we haven’t dug up all the natural beauty in the mean time, of course.