10th November 2021: Submission on the Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa – Discussion Document

On the 10th November 2021 we provided our feedback on the Government’s discussion document on “Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa”.

The basis of our submission was the Digital Priorities for Aotearoa Report and the communique issued as part of the recent Techusers Day held in August 2021.   Our main point was that to lift our nation to the level of leading globally, the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa needs to be ambitious, challenging and a stretch. It needs to have audacious goals which are targeted and a call to action.  And while we think the vision and goals in the discussion document “Towards a Digital Strategy for Aotearoa” is a good start, it does not embody the ambition this strategy needs to realise the benefits for Aotearoa New Zealand.

We also made the point that the whole of business (economy) must be involved in developing and delivering on a holistic digital strategy. The discussion document alludes to this, however, there is no specific action to support the wider business environment or obligation placed on the wider economy. These businesses are not SMEs but are large users of digital services and we would like to see recognition of the importance of the wider business community – both in terms of how Government will support their digital transformation, but also how larger businesses will play their part in securing our digital future.

You can read our brief submission here.

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