Welcome to the new look TUANZ website

Hopefully it’s not too scary-looking.

We’ve moved to a cloud solution for two reasons: firstly, we need to use telecommunications if we’re going to represent you in this arena and one of the big trends in the last year or so has been the move to the cloud. Secondly, the reason everyone is talking about the cloud is cost savings, and we’re very big on that round here.

Plus the functionality has increased dramatically over recent times – today, the site is hosted via Squarespace and as you can see it’s got at least as much capability as we used to have if not a wee bit more. You can Tweet or post these links to Facebook and when a new social media/content sharing idea rises up (as I’m sure it will) that’ll get added in as well.

From my side of the screen it’s got a bunch of new features that I’ll be making use of, including an iPad app that will allow me to manage the site from anywhere I can log on. I can see who’s reading what and which stories are generating the most interest. This makes the editor in me very glad indeed.

Once we’ve got the website bedded in, we’ll look to move other aspects of our business over to the web as well. We have a back-end database, we have an email mailing list and we hold events – all of these things can be outsourced to the cloud and we’ll be doing just that over the coming months.

I’m keen to make the TUANZ website the hub of telco discussion in New Zealand and to that end I’ll be posting more guest blogs than ever before. It’s important that we, the users, have a rounded, well supported view of the industry and so if you’ve got anything you want to say, don’t be shy – let me know and we’ll sort out a spot on the blog for you.

And on that note, if you do spot anything on the site that’s not working or looks weird, drop the webmaster a line. You’ll find him at: paul@tuanz.org.nz because that’s how we roll these days. Be kind – he’s new at all this.

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  1. Paul Warner
    Paul Warner says:

    One thing I did like on the old one was I was able to go to the blogs and see if there were any new comments..


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