Launch of “Give Someone a Start”

Last week in Auckland, our member and partner Work and Income, launched their “Give Someone a Start” programme at a business networking event.   We are a supporter of this initiative and committed to helping spread the word.

At the event the Chief Executive of MSD (Brendan Boyle) spoke about government and business working together and doing things a bit differently to change the lives of people like Letitia – people who, once they get into the workforce, can go on to be loyal, reliable employees, even moving into management roles and making a real contribution to the organisation. 

Work and Income are starting with a group of parents returning to work and are capitalising on the skills they already have and are investing in training to get them ready for work.   

As part of the programme, Work and Income with partner with an organisation, provide a dedicated person who will get to know the business and find the right people with the skills needed. 

They have put together some more information – a factsheet that introduces the campaign …

 … and some industry video clips.

If you have any questions you can contact Work and Income on 0800 778 008.

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