I’m feeling left out…

You know that feeling you got as a teenager, when the cool kids were having a party that you weren’t invited to ? But you found out about it and you really, really wanted to go ?

Well I’m starting to feel that way about 5G, I know the party doesn’t start until 2022 but it’s going to be soooo cool, those Chinese kids are already picking out their party gear and I just heard from my mate in Aussie (well today’s Comms Day) that those Euros with the cool glasses (& a Digital Agenda for Europe) and those techno South Koreans are working together on their party pieces and everything ! (South Korea already has a 5G forum).

That Aussie kid hasn’t been invited yet but he’s a jock so they’ll invite him to pull the chicks, maybe we can get in with him ?


Meanwhile in other news, the worlds fastest mobile broadband (according to Ookla – providers of the Speedtest  app) is right here in New Zealand – Yay (only if you’re a Vodafone customer though!)

And the fastest place – Kelburn

Well done those guys, maybe we can go to the 5G party cos we’re really really cool dancers ?




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