Some random observations from Nethui….

The turnout and diversity of the attendees shows how important the Internet is to many, many groups.

ubiquity of access will increase to the point where the internet itself becomes invisible, and devices are shrinking to the point they will be indistinguishable from magic.

We need to think of the Internet of People before all the other internets, we’re along way from the old network of networks.

Time is the enemy of quality in many on-line issues.

Data journalism is an interesting idea, but I wonder how many people are good at both words and numbers?

A lot of ideas about the internet in 25 years were actually about fixing the internet of today.

I’ve loved hearing the scifi analogies, there are some more I’d add, especially from Neal Stephenson.

Yesterday at KANZ was very formal and supply side, today Nethui is very demand side, how do we bring them together?

More to follow – over….


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