For all you radio geeks.

MBIE (the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment) have just announced a review of the Radio Communications Act 1989. Before you yawn and click off, take a moment to think about all the radios that you use every day without even thinking about it:

Wifi, bluetooth, your mobile, your car radio, your baby monitor and anything else thats wireless. 

All of these things work because there is actually a system making sure all the pieces work together without interference or inappropriate uses.

Here’s what MBIE have to say:

Radio Spectrum Management (RSM) in the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is reviewing the Radiocommunications Act 1989.  We are seeking your views on how well the Act is working and what changes, if any, are required to the legislation. 

The key areas of the radio spectrum management regime being considered as part of the review are:

·         interference management

·         competition regulation during spectrum allocations

·         technical definition of management rights and licences

·         regional division of management rights

·         regulation of new technologies such as cognitive radio and white space devices.

You are receiving this email because you have been identified as having an interest in radio spectrum regulation – as a management right owner, licence holder or radio engineer, for example, or due to your involvement in an industry that uses radio spectrum. 

 To download the discussion document, or make a submission, please visit the consultation page on the RSM website. We are asking for feedback by Wednesday 1 October 2014. 

Workshops on the review will be held in mid-September in Auckland and Wellington.  If there is sufficient demand, we will also hold a workshop in Christchurch.  To attend a workshop please register your interest by Wednesday 10 September 2014, using the on-line form on the consultation page of our website.

TUANZ will be participating in the review, if you have any views or input to add, let me know:


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