Seeking TUANZ Board Nominations 2023

One of the opportunities that members of TUANZ have is to put their name forward for election to the Board.  Being part of the Board gives you the opportunity to influence the future work of the organisation and how TUANZ impacts the direction of the digital technology landscape in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are now seeking nominations for the Board and encourage you to carefully consider nominating yourself or someone else to this role who can make a difference and help us to make sure New Zealand makes the most of the digitally connected world. More information about the Board member roles and responsibilities can be found here.

There are six seats available this year on the TUANZ Board in this rotation. If elected, Board members serve for a term of two years.

Board Nominations

The following Board members were elected in September 2022 and have another year to serve:

  • Andy Edwards
  • Caitlin Metz
  • Kaity Mitchell
  • Vaughan Baker

The following Board members’ terms expire at the upcoming AGM:

  • Jenna Woolley
  • Matthew Harrison
  • Maxine Elliott
  • Tristan IIich (Current Chair)
  • Wendy McGowan
  • Zoe Udy

While any member may be nominated, based on the current representatives on the Board we especially encourage members with the following skills or experience to consider nomination :

  • Risk & Financial Management
  • Experience in security or data protection
  • Experience in leading large corporate IT teams
  • Members who work within non-technology and telecommunications companies

Nominations must be received by 5pm Tuesday 22 August 2023. Nominations should be made using this form.

You or your organisation must be a fully paid-up member of TUANZ to join the Board, so if you are in doubt about your standing with the organisation, please contact us at to check and/or arrange payment.

Online Voting

Voting will take place online in advance of the AGM and the results will be announced at the meeting.

Notices and Remits

If you have any remits, motions or other items that you would like raised at the AGM, please send these through to by 5pm Tuesday 12 September 2022.



  • Now: Call for Nominations for Board representatives issued to Members
  • 22 August: Deadline for nominations to be received
  • 29 August: List of nominees to be issued to voting members and electronic voting commences
  • 12 September: Any proposed notices, motions or remits to be advised to TUANZ
  • 26 September: Annual Meeting, results of online voting announced.


Annual General Meeting

The TUANZ Annual General Meeting will be held online on Tuesday 26th September 2023. Details and registration information will be sent out soon.

All TUANZ members are encouraged to attend the AGM.

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