TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ welcomes next steps in holistic review of NZ mobile market

31st August 2018

Following on from the earlier scope paper covering a review of the mobile market, TUANZ welcomes the broad range of questions raised in the Commerce Commissions Issues Paper released today.

“We are really pleased to see the holistic approach being taken by the Commission in this study.  We have been calling for a fully independent study of the market structure for mobile services and so it’s positive to see the range of questions being raised in this papers.” Said Craig Young , CEO of TUANZ.

“We reiterate that our members have been clear to us that while they recognise that the NZ market has delivered improved competition and that there are areas we are well ahead of in comparison to other countries, they want to see this review as being comprehensive addressing the questions of where we are and what we need to ensure that strong competition remains in this market.” Said Mr Young.

The Chair of TUANZ, Liz Gosling (CIO Auckland University of Technology) reiterated that “As the truly independant representative group of users of these services, we will continue to fully engage with our members to ensure that their views are represented to the Commission as they undertake the next steps in this review.”



TUANZ Media Release: High quality connectivity remains critical to our rural future

12th June 2018

With National Fieldays only a day away, TUANZ has today reiterated the importance of a maintained focus on continued improvement to connectivity in rural New Zealand.

“While last week’s news that the Government has successfully brought forward the completion date of the latest round of the rural broadband initiative is welcome, we have yet to see the detail around what will be delivered and by when,” said Craig Young, CEO.

“Technology continues to develop at a fast pace and developments in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT) provide tremendous opportunities for rural NZ in improving farm productivity, compliance and general lifestyle improvements. I expect a wide range of IoT to be on display at Fieldays, and the need for improved connectivity to be a discussion point.”

To ensure sustained pressure on the Government and its rural broadband initiative partners, TUANZ is again hosting its annual Rural Connectivity Symposium, to take place on 26 June at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington.

The event will bring together representatives from agriculture, telecommunications and finance industries with rural end users and rural leaders of the future to discuss the current capability and future potential of connectivity in rural New Zealand.

Craig Young says the day will provide the opportunity to hear from and engage with a range of speakers and industry experts about how connectivity driven digital technology can improve outcomes for rural healthcare, business and day to day life.

Attendees will be actively involved during the symposium, with three workshop sessions, and panel discussions throughout the day. The partners will also publish a post-symposium summary of the major themes from the day, both for distribution to attendees and to help shape the thinking of internet providers and government policy makers.

This year’s Symposium is presented by TUANZ in partnership with Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand (RHAANZ), Rural Women NZ, Dairy Women’s Network, NZ Young Farmers and Federated Farmers NZ.

TUANZ is also pleased to welcome the Minister for Communications, Hon Clare Curran, who will speak on behalf of the Government in a guest address.

If you are interested in helping rural communities be part of the 21st century in New Zealand, you can register to attend on the TUANZ website.

The symposium is on Tuesday 26th June from 9am–5pm, at Wellington’s Westpac Stadium, and will be followed by networking drinks. Registration costs $169 for TUANZ, RHAANZ, Rural Women NZ, Dairy Women’s Network, Federated Farmers NZ and NZYF members, or $369 for non-members.



We are the uniquely independent gathering of users.

TUANZ has over thirty years of bringing the users of ICT into the debate about the future of the digital economy. Much of what we take for granted today around choice of service comes from the work we, with our members, have done and continue to do.

We are a powerful channel to decision makers and developing leaders in this sector.

We have a highly engaged community of over 1,400 individuals working in our member organisations in roles that use or are responsible for digital technology.



We provide a forum to encourage New Zealanders to make the most of the opportunities available in the digital economy.



We are leaders of informed, credible and independent advice on user expectations of digital technology and policy.



We advocate for our members including the need for ubiquitous high-quality connectivity across New Zealand and are the go-to experts for media and government on the increasing use of digital technologies

Mobile Market

TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ welcomes the broader scope of the Commerce Commissions mobile market review

27th March 2018

TUANZ welcomes the broader scope of the Commerce Commissions mobile market review.

TUANZ welcomes today’s release of the scope for the review of the mobile market that the Commerce Commission will undertake this year.

“We have been consistent over the last few years in calling for a fully independent study of the market structure for mobile services and so it’s positive to see the final scope of the Commission’s review reflect a number of our recommendations.” Said Craig Young , CEO of TUANZ.

“Our members have been clear to us that while they recognise that the NZ market has delivered improved competition with things such as the introduction of a third network, and investment in the latest technology, they want to see a full review of where we are and what we need to ensure that strong competition remains In this market.” Said Mr Young.

The Chair of TUANZ, Liz Gosling (CIO Auckland University of Technology) said “As the independent representative group of users of these services, we will fully engage with our members to ensure that their views are represented to the Commission as they undertake this review.”




TUANZ Media Release: Enable And TUANZ to Develop Future Technology Leaders

8th February 2018

Christchurch fibre broadband provider, Enable, is the inaugural foundation sponsor of the Christchurch chapter of FLINT, or Future Leaders in Technology, a national leadership programme run by TUANZ (Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand) that provides networking development opportunities for the next generation of technology industry leaders.

After successful FLINT chapters in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton, TUANZ CEO Craig Young is excited to launch in Christchurch this month.

“FLINT is a national programme with a local focus – each region has its own flavour and we work to establish regional leadership teams who can create their own events, initiatives and development opportunities that meet the needs of young technology professional in the region,” said Mr Young.

“Partnering with a local company that’s future-proofing the city’s technology infrastructure by delivering fibre broadband services to Christchurch is a natural fit. Enable have been generous to invest in these young people – it’s critically important for the future of our industry.

“We have tremendous talent in all pockets on New Zealand, the FLINT programme is bringing that out so New Zealand can continue to be dynamic and relevant at the forefront of the digital revolution now and in the future.”

Enable Chief Executive, Steve Fuller, is looking forward to supporting FLINT and the benefits it will have on the technology industry in Christchurch.

“Our vision for Christchurch is for it to be a connected, innovative, and globally competitive city,” said Mr Fuller.

“Our world-class fibre services play a key role in realising this vision. Helping innovative and smart minds working in our city to unlock new economic and social opportunities is absolutely an essential part also and we are proud to be involved. We need to ensure we make Christchurch a place where this talent can flourish and achieve amazing things.”

The Christchurch chapter of FLINT will be launched on 21 February at Dux Central. Membership is open to individuals under 35 who are employed by TUANZ members or are involved in the technology space. Membership is free as is entry to events, simply visit https://tuanz.org.nz/future-leaders/ to join the local chapter.

TUANZ and Enable encourage young Christchurch-based professionals with a passion for technology to become involved.


TUANZ Media Release: Liz Gosling elected new Chair at TUANZ

8th December 2017 

At this week’s TUANZ Board meeting, Liz Gosling was unanimously elected to take up the role of Chair.  Immediate past Chair, Pat O’Connell had earlier indicated that it was time to hand the responsibility on to the next person.  Liz is the tenth chair since incorporation in 1986, and the second woman to chair the organisation.

Liz is the Chief Information Officer at AUT University where she leads a team of 170 people, and is responsible for information technology provision for AUT’s staff and students.  Her role is focussed on contributing to the University’s strategic direction, creating and executing ICT strategy, building collaborative relationships with key stakeholders across the University and ensuring that ICT delivers excellent services and value.

Liz studied Computer Science at the University of Westminster in London, and holds an MBA (Human Resources Management), Distinction from AUT. She has worked in the IT industry for over three decades, in New Zealand, the US, UK and Europe, in a variety of roles in commercial and not for profit organisations, and in both vendors and client companies.

“I am incredibly mindful of the responsibility of taking on this role given the hard work of all the previous incumbents over the last thirty years.” said Liz.  “ I am passionate about the need for all New Zealanders to access high quality connectivity, and about the transformative power of education.  I will be bringing that passion and experience as a CIO in highly transformative environment to the role of Chair.  I look forward to working with Craig Young, the CEO and the rest of the team to continue to look to the future in making sure all New Zealanders can make the most of the connected future.”

The Board at their meeting noted the significant contribution made by Pat over his time as Chair of TUANZ and made a presentation on behalf of the members.  Pat was elected seven times over seven years by the wider membership of the organisation as Chair and was recently returned to the board for a further two year term.

Other board positions elected at the meeting are:

  • Tristan Illich, Aurecon – Deputy Chair

  • Jenna Woolley, MIT – Contact Office

  • Malcolm Condie, Individual Member – Finance Chair

For more information about the new TUANZ board please see our Board page and  for more information about past board Chairs and members please see Our Past on the TUANZ website.



TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ Chair welcomes future leader to the board

27th September 2017

At last week’s Annual General Meeting, TUANZ Chair Pat O’Connell welcomed the return of all re-standing members to the TUANZ board, saying that their re-election shows that members back the direction of the organisation as it moves forward.  He also welcomed one new member, Clayton Balle of Westpac, who for the last 12 months has also been part of the Auckland leadership team for FLINT, TUANZ’s future leaders programme.

“The appointment of Clayton to the board members shows that there is real engagement with the exciting new FLINT programme which is a development of a key strategy of our organisation, to develop the future leaders in digitally enabled businesses”, says O’Connell.

Mr O’Connell went on to say “Since we launched the FLINT programme in Auckland in July last year, we have taken it to Wellington and now to the Waikato where it was launched last night, Tuesday 26th September.  This programme is bringing future leaders together to equip them to be champions in the new flexible digital economy.”

The new board will continue the work on implementing TUANZ’ strategic direction – ensuring New Zealanders can make the most of the digitally connected world – and achieving its vision of New Zealand being among the top ten countries for business use of digital technology by 2020.

The new board member is:

  • Clayton Balle – Westpac

He joins existing board members:

  • Donna Spargo – Downer NZ
  • Jenna Woolley – Manukau Institute of Technology
  • Liz Gosling – AUT University
  • Malcolm Condie – Individual
  • Maxine Elliott – Vocus Communications
  • Pat O’Connell – Rank Group
  • Tristin Illich – Aurecon
  • Rob McDonnell – Air New Zealand
  • Vaughan Baker – MyRepublic NZ

The new board member replaces the retiring board member Guy Alexander from Xero.  The Board will elect a Chair at its first meeting after the AGM.

There were 11 candidates for the seven positions and the new board members will each serve two-year terms.

For more information about the new TUANZ board please see our Board page.


TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ welcomes the introduction of the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill

8th August 2017

TUANZ welcomes today’s long awaited introduction of the Telecommunications Amendment Bill which is the outcome of the review of the current regulatory framework.  

“Earlier this year we stated our support of many of the proposed changes when outlined in an options paper, and it’s pleasing to see these make it to Parliament” said Craig Young, Chief Executive of TUANZ.  “The contents of the bill will have important implications for consumers and businesses not only in the short term, but most importantly in the post 2020 world of digital communications”.

“We are especially pleased to see our concerns around the ability of the Commerce Commission to respond to possible competition problems, as well as enhancing the Commission’s powers around ensuring consumer retail service quality is maintained and improved are addressed in the Bill.” said Mr Young.

“This is a significant bill that will take some time to review and as always there will be details that we will want to query at the appropriate time.   As the unique organisation that represents the users of digital communications, our members believe that the voice of these users, both businesses and consumers, continue to be critically important in these matters and we will be fully involved as the bill makes its way through select committee in the next parliament” stated Mr Pat O’Connell, Chair of the Board of TUANZ.

Mr O’Connell went on to say that: “One element not addressed as a result of the review is the inequality of resourcing for consumer voice research and advocacy that exists in New Zealand when compared to other jurisdictions such as Australia.  We are fortunate that today, as over the last 30 years, a significant number of New Zealand businesses and individuals have seen the importance of supporting such a voice through membership of our our organisation.”


TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ supports a review of the mobile telecommunications market.

31st July 2017

TUANZ welcomes the recent letter sent from the Minister for Communications to the Telecommunications Commissioner in which he expresses his interest in the Commission undertaking a review of the mobile telecommunications market.

“We have previously stated in our Telco Act Review submissions our desire to see an independant review of the mobile market in New Zealand in our Telco Act review submissions so are supportive of this move” said Craig Young, CEO of TUANZ.  “We have also written to the Telecommunications Commissioner reiterating this point.”

In the letter, TUANZ asks the Commission to undertake a wide ranging review to ensure that the market is delivering the best outcome for end users.  

“We also recognise that the market continues to develop with a number of positive steps occurring and expect a review to point these out as well.  Our aim is to have a holistic picture of how the market is operating and whether there are any changes needed to ensure continued innovation and positive outcomes for users.

The letter from TUANZ to the Telecommunications Commissioner is available from their website (http://tuanz.org.nz/category/representation/)




TUANZ Media Release: Telecommunications Review announcements provides a number of wins for users but more work remains to be done

1st June 2017

Today the Government announced the latest decisions from the review of the current Telecommunications Act that has been underway for the last few years.  “ We have been active in ensuring that our members views were well represented throughout the process and Based on our initial viewing of the latest release, it is pleasing to see several of our proposals taken up by the review.” said Craig Young, CEO of TUANZ.

Today’s package confirms most of the details around the post 2020 regulatory environment for fixed lines services.  While the basis of it remains significantly unchanged since previous announcements, there are a number of changes where some of TUANZ concerns have been considered.  “We are pleased to see that while it does not fully address our concern that the that the 100 Mbs download product will be superseded by faster service even as early as 2020, its is an improvement to see that the anchor product that will be price capped for fibre services has now been defined as an entry level product rather than the most popular.” said Mr Young.

TUANZ does remain concerned over the de-regulation of copper services inside UFB areas, but will work with the Commerce Commission on ensuring there are strong consumer protections within any customer migration codes put in place post the de-regulation.  Rural users will be relying on the copper network for many years to come and so regulation of price and quality of that network as well as the protections under the TSO will remain incredibly important.

“We have been consistently calling for an independent review of the mobile market to ensure that it is delivering internationally competitive services to New Zealanders, and it is pleasing to see the announcement that the Minister will provide a recommendation to the Commerce Commission that they undertake such a study, albeit of the wholesale part of the market” said Mr Young. TUANZ will also write to the Commission to support the Minister’s proposal and requesting that the review is comprehensive given the increased dependence on mobile and fixed wireless services particularly in rural New Zealand

There are also good wins for users of telecommunications where the powers that the Commerce Commision has around consumer service and consumer disputes will be strengthened.  Decisions requiring the Commission to regularly review any disputes process based on the sections of the Act that outline the objectives of a disputes process are welcomed and the industry should take note of those in ensuring their processes continue to improve.

However, there remains significant work that still needs to be undertaken as well as more detail that needs to be developed in the substantive parts of the proposal.  There are other changes made that need to be considered such as the impact of removing the restrictions on Chorus relating to layer 2 and end to end services.  TUANZ  will continue to speak out as the independent voice of users of ICT&T and represent members by engaging with parliament as the review proceeds and the Commerce Commission subsequently commences their work.


TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ welcomes the future extension of fibre availability to another 10% of New Zealand’s population

26 January 2017

TUANZ welcomes today’s long awaited announcement around the extension of the Ultra-Fast Broadband programme beyond the current 75% of population coverage.

“As the only independent organisation representing the users of digital technology, we have long advocated for fibre based services to be available to as many New Zealander’s as possible, and so we are pleased to see today’s announcement of the UFB2 contracts”, said Craig Young, CEO of TUANZ. “We welcomed the initial announcement of a proposed extension during the 2014 election campaign and while the fulfilment of that promise has taken some time, are happy to see that the target has been surpassed and aims to reach 85% of New Zealanders by 2024.”

Today’s announcement is welcome because it continues to reduce the copper gap that exists for the people who were originally left out of the UFB project by extending the programme to another 151 towns. “We are also pleased to see the inclusion of several areas on the fringe of the current cities that were also left out of the original plans” Mr Young said.

TUANZ continues to push for better quality connectivity for all New Zealander’s and will not let up on representing users to ensure the remaining 15% of residents and businesses, get access to fibre-equivalent services in the same timeframe. “Rural New Zealand deserves the same quality services as their urban cousins not only for lifestyle reasons, but because a vast amount of New Zealand’s economic innovation and prosperity comes from farms and businesses located within that last 15%” said Mr Young.

TUANZ will again this year in May host in partnership with the Rural Health Alliance Aotearoa New Zealand, the Rural Connectivity Symposium. “In an election year, hearing from the political parties their goals around investment in this critical area, as well as sharing rural users perspective will be incredibly important to ensure the understanding that the need for continued improvement has not stopped with this announcement.”