TUANZ welcomes new board members

The Tech Users Association of New Zealand (TUANZ) welcomed new board members at its Annual General Meeting held online last night. Congratulations to Annaliese Atina and Sid Kumar who have been appointed to the board. They join existing board members Tristan Ilich, Jenna Wooley, Zoe Udy, Caitlin Metz, Andy Edwards, Matthew Harrison, Paul Littlefair, Vaughan Baker and Kaity Mitchell.

Special thanks to outgoing board members Wendy McGowan and Maxine Elliot.

“I would like to acknowledge our Board members for their ongoing commitment of time and effort in providing their esteemed leadership. I would also like to thank our members who enable us to continue to speak for all users of digital technology in Aotearoa New Zealand,” says Craig Young, CEO of TUANZ.

At the AGM two long standing members were recognised for their service to TUANZ with the granting of Life Membership status. Don Wallace of Wellington was a member of the TUANZ Board from the first board in 1986 until 2007, while Ernie Newman was the CEO from 1999 to 2011.

“We want to help ensure New Zealand makes the most of our digitally connected world. Our vision is that by 2033, all individuals and businesses in New Zealand will have unrestricted access to the technology and services they need to thrive; no one misses out on the opportunities available to them in the digital technology world; and digital engagement is safe and inclusive for all New Zealanders.”

We continue to support the Digital Boost Alliance, a joint public-private initiative that supports the uptake of digital tools for small businesses, communities, and individuals. Working together our members are helping drive digital acceleration in Aotearoa.

Following the pandemic, TUANZ’s events programme has returned with strength, including its flagship conferences Tech Users Summit 2023 and the Rural Connectivity Symposium. Throughout New Zealand the Future Leaders in Technology (FLINT) teams host regular events to connect and empower those who aspire to be the leaders of New Zealand’s digital future.

Learn more about TUANZ and explore our current work programme.

For further comment or interview, please contact Craig Young

Phone: 021 488 188 

Email: craig.young@tuanz.org.nz  

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