Over the past 30 years TUANZ, the Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand has led the charge to improve competition for telecommunications services in NZ.  Our vision is for a New Zealand with a world-class communications system, with all Kiwis enjoying and using affordable, always-on and available everywhere connectivity. 

Your role

Your business has a significant part to play in this future.  You will benefit from the opportunities affordable and ubiquitous connectivity offers through increased speed to market; more, faster distribution channels; higher productivity; greater working flexibility for your teams; all with lowered telecommunications cost.  Your families benefit too.  Shared care records streamlining the delivery of health services to your loved ones when they need it most.  Not to mention a learning world like we’ve never seen it before; with education on offer 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Together our vision is a shared one.  Your support will enable TUANZ to continue our record of positive change for telecommunications users.  A faster smarter, more connected New Zealand is how you will be helping us.  We look forward to welcoming your organisation to TUANZ membership.
TUANZ will:

  • continue to deliver value to the users of New Zealand – your business, your clients, your staff and their children.
  • continue to represent you by lobbying and activating the hearts and minds of government and industry
  • develop future value offerings for our members – ensuring our thought leadership provides a return back to you.

Joining is easy 

Have a look on this table for the membership category that fits then fill out the relevant form below.

Business Category Price P.A. (xGST)
1. Revenue of over $1b per annum $6,000
2. Revenue of $100m – $1b per annum $4,100
3. Revenue $50m – $100m per annum $3,100
4. Revenue of $10m – $50m per annum $1,750
5. Revenue of $1m – $10m per annum $800
6. Revenue of <$1m per annum $250
Primary and Secondary Schools $225
Others Price P.A. (xGST)
Individuals $150
Tertiary Students $50

 This below form is only for the Business Category (includes Primary & Secondary Schools). Please see the following form for the Others Category.  Terms and Conditions of membership are available for reading here.

Business Category Member

Individual Member