TUANZ Media Release: Progress towards improving access to connectivity infrastructure for all Kiwis

The Tech Users Association (TUANZ) supports the government’s Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa statement of intent regarding digital connectivity infrastructure released today.

Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa outlines the foundation for the digital connectivity we currently have, and the areas that need to continue to be addressed in order to reach the overarching vision of enabling Aotearoa New Zealand’s people, communities, economy and environment to flourish and prosper in the digital era outlined in the Digital Strategy for Aotearoa released this year.

“The last two years of pandemic disruptions have highlighted the importance of high-quality connectivity when it comes to how we work, learn, do business and socialise remotely,” says Craig Young, CEO, TUANZ.

“We’ve been proposing a 10 year plan for some time now, so it’s great to see this is now in place with some clear objectives and principles on how the government aims to meet these.”

“While urban New Zealand has enjoyed a seamless experience, rural, sub-rural and remote users have not always experienced the same standard of connectivity. We are pleased the government has included goals to improve access to connectivity infrastructure, particularly for rural and remote communities, and are focusing on local solutions for local problems which we have always pushed for.”

“This statement of intent sets out some good ambitions and we’ll make sure we hold the government and industry to account.”

Insights from Lifting Connectivity in Aotearoa have been published by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

Key themes include:

  1. Enabling more people to benefit from connectivity
  2. Digital connectivity progress since the launch of Ultra-Fast Broadband
  3. Challenges and opportunities for the future
  4. Government’s vision for 2032: All people in New Zealand have broadband and voice connectivity networks available to them that meet their life, work and study needs.

“Ultimately, we are pleased to see some clear goals set out and captured in this statement of intent. We will continue to push for improved access to connectivity infrastructure, particularly for rural and remote communities, and want to see this intent endure any change of government. Now we will wait to see how well the government delivers on these aspirations,” says Craig.

View the report here.

For further comment or interview, please contact Craig Young

Phone: 021 488 188

Email: craig.young@tuanz.org.nz

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