Tech Users Day 2022 Communique

Tech Users Day 2022 was a day of inspiring speakers, networking, table and panel discussions, challenging our vision of New Zealand being in the top 10 digital ready nations by 2030.  What will it look like and how do we get there? How do we gain momentum in transformation and ensure no one is left out or left behind? 

We have put together a communique, including an overview of the day’s key themes and takeaways, plus thoughts on where to next. Topics discussed include:

  • Te Rautaki Matihiko mō Aotearoa – The Digital Strategy for Aotearoa
  • A new era of digital connectivity
  • Growing for our digital future
  • Balancing sustainability and growth in our digital future
  • Empowering everyone’s participation
  • The power of connection
  • The importance of authentic relationships at local levels
  • Doing what’s right for our digital future
  • Nurturing our resilience and online safety

Thanks to everyone who was involved in making Tech Users Day 2022 a success. We look forward to next year’s event.

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