And so is Telecom…

As we count down the last few days of Telecom in its current form, they have just come out with a request that TUANZ can easily get 100% behind – consistent gigabit downloads and pricing from all NZ’s local fibre companies.

It’s time for a ‘Giganation’ says Telecom as UFB coverage hits 100%

Telecom, soon to be Spark New Zealand, says the time has come for Gigabit per second data download speeds to be available across all of New Zealand’s Ultra Fast Broadband (UFB) fibre network.

It seems that the idea of a ‘Giganation’ is going to get a lot closer as the largest RSP calls for all the LFC’s to offer consistently spec’d and priced services.

This also shows that Telecom now sees that gigabit residential fibre is the aspirational product for Kiwi homes. 

I was feeling all ‘Giga’d’ out a couple of months ago, Gigatown was grinding on and looked like the only game in town, then we had Telecom talking about ‘GigaWiFi’ then they launched ‘Giganaires’ but the game changer came when the Central North island LFC UFF (Ultra Fast Fibre) declared themselves to be the ‘GigaNet’.

And now its all starting to come together, the largest RSP is basically calling for common sense to prevail in every part of NZ, Chorus need to go beyond Gigatown as the prize is really diminished in value, NorthPower and Enable need to get a Gigabit product out there and UFF are to be congratulated.

This means that real residential gigabit downloads speeds are coming, and its no coincidence that this lines up with Telecom / Spark getting ready to launch ‘LightBox’ their $15/month internet TV service.

Hopefully this marks the beginning of the UFB being marketed as more than DSL on steroids, Telecom will need to update their TVC that currently states that fibre is up to 7x faster and in the future that’ll be up to 7 million x faster.

I can’t wait…




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