TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ supports a review of the mobile telecommunications market.

31st July 2017

TUANZ welcomes the recent letter sent from the Minister for Communications to the Telecommunications Commissioner in which he expresses his interest in the Commission undertaking a review of the mobile telecommunications market.

“We have previously stated in our Telco Act Review submissions our desire to see an independant review of the mobile market in New Zealand in our Telco Act review submissions so are supportive of this move” said Craig Young, CEO of TUANZ.  “We have also written to the Telecommunications Commissioner reiterating this point.”

In the letter, TUANZ asks the Commission to undertake a wide ranging review to ensure that the market is delivering the best outcome for end users.  

“We also recognise that the market continues to develop with a number of positive steps occurring and expect a review to point these out as well.  Our aim is to have a holistic picture of how the market is operating and whether there are any changes needed to ensure continued innovation and positive outcomes for users.

The letter from TUANZ to the Telecommunications Commissioner is available from their website (http://tuanz.org.nz/category/representation/)




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