TUANZ Cross Submission on UCLL/UBA FPP Price Reviews

TUANZ has submitted to the Commerce Commission as part of the Cross-Submission process in regards to the current Final Pricing Principle review for UCLL and UBA.  The details are as follows. Re: TUANZ cross-submission comments in regards to the UCLL/UBA Final Draft Determinations Thankyou for the opportunity to provide a view on the most recent […]

TUANZ Issues Paper for the upcoming Telco Review

TUANZ today (10th August) is releasing its paper written earlier this year which outlines the broad issues it believes should be covered as part of the upcoming review of the Telecommunications Act. You can read the paper here

TUANZ Submission on Section 30R

Here is our submission made to the Commerce Commission on the 27th January in regards to their request on views on a Section 30R review of UBA/UCLL non-price terms. Submission

What is the TDR?

The TDR, Telecommunication Dispute Resolution, is a free, independent service to help residential and small business customers to resolve disputes with their telecommunications company. For further information, please visit their website: www.tdr.org.nz

TUANZ submission on the five year spectrum outlook

​The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Economy (MBIE) now looks after the old Ministry of Economic Development’s spectrum unit. The spectrum team manage how the government issues licences for spectrum management – effectively a monopoly on the use of those spectrum lots for a set period of time. MBIE has asked for comment on its discussion paper surrounding the next five years and what should be done to encourage economic development in New Zealand.