TUANZ Media Release: TUANZ welcomes the introduction of the Telecommunications (New Regulatory Framework) Amendment Bill

8th August 2017

TUANZ welcomes today’s long awaited introduction of the Telecommunications Amendment Bill which is the outcome of the review of the current regulatory framework.  

“Earlier this year we stated our support of many of the proposed changes when outlined in an options paper, and it’s pleasing to see these make it to Parliament” said Craig Young, Chief Executive of TUANZ.  “The contents of the bill will have important implications for consumers and businesses not only in the short term, but most importantly in the post 2020 world of digital communications”.

“We are especially pleased to see our concerns around the ability of the Commerce Commission to respond to possible competition problems, as well as enhancing the Commission’s powers around ensuring consumer retail service quality is maintained and improved are addressed in the Bill.” said Mr Young.

“This is a significant bill that will take some time to review and as always there will be details that we will want to query at the appropriate time.   As the unique organisation that represents the users of digital communications, our members believe that the voice of these users, both businesses and consumers, continue to be critically important in these matters and we will be fully involved as the bill makes its way through select committee in the next parliament” stated Mr Pat O’Connell, Chair of the Board of TUANZ.

Mr O’Connell went on to say that: “One element not addressed as a result of the review is the inequality of resourcing for consumer voice research and advocacy that exists in New Zealand when compared to other jurisdictions such as Australia.  We are fortunate that today, as over the last 30 years, a significant number of New Zealand businesses and individuals have seen the importance of supporting such a voice through membership of our our organisation.”


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