Formed in 1986, TUANZ is a non profit Incorporated Society. Our Association has over 200 corporate members who represent a cross section of the major business users of telecommunications.

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Modern Telecommunications in NZ Explained

This course has been updated for 2014. There will be more of a focus on the applications and benefits high speed broadband brings to people and businesses.

Auckland - 22 September

Smart Phones, Tablets, Ultra Fast Broadband, HDTV, Cloud Computing, Rural Broadband, Fibre Optics, 4G….what does it all mean, and more importantly, how can it help me and my Business? 

Do you need some clarity on current telecommunications systems and how the new applications they enable can help you? 

Then you need this Management level day-long programme.  It’s a non-technical explanation of current telecommunications systems like fibre, wireless, 4G/LTE, Ethernet, UFB and RBI, and will provide you with a greater understanding of the language and acronyms and more importantly, what they could do for you and your business. 

Delivered in a fun, interactive way with hands-on exercises and a quiz or two!