The Telecommunications Users Association of New Zealand exists to inform, educate and advocate.  We don't represent an industry, we represent those who use ICT services, which is just about every company, organisation and individual in New Zealand. 

We are a non-for-profit membership association with over 29 years of positive telecommunications change in our history.  We have been instrumental in getting connectivity to the top of the political agenda.  Now we must prepare our members and the wider community to take full advantage of the opportunities provided.  We intend to play a leading role in creating and promoting the vision of a New Zealand transformed by ultra fast connectivity. Why not join us on the journey?

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Registrations are now open for our first exciting FLINT event - the BE READY FOR YOUR FUTURE conference.  With speakers from Vodafone, Xero, Weirdly and Figure.NZ so far, topics covered will be all around introducing skills to FLINT members that they will need to develop their future careers.  Hop over to the FLINT page for more details, check out the FLINT Facebook page (remember to like your page when you’re there) or register directly through Eventbrite.

Members of TUANZ receive a 10% discount on the registration price for this conference - the link to take advantage of this discount can be found in your weekly members newsletter.

Members of TUANZ receive a 10% discount on the registration price for this conference - the link to take advantage of this discount can be found in your weekly members newsletter.

What can you get?

Want to know what broadband is available at your place?  Then use the National Broadband Map to find out - simply enter your address in the widget below.  Or you can see more information on our Tools & Resources Page.


We are pleased to launch the TUANZ Digital Journey Tool

The tool takes only 10 minutes to complete and enables you to quickly see how well you are currently using on-line technology and provides a personalised action plan to help improve your use of online services, online presence and technology.

 The tool can be launched here

How we act

As a member you know that we will always act true to our values and principles:

Our Values

  • Positive Leadership
  • Credibility
  • Professionalism
  • Collaboration
  • Independance

Our Principles

  • We desire to see a lift in the digital competency within the NZ economy
  • We will listen and have proactive, brave face to face conversations
  • We will promote fair and sustainable competition
  • We will focus on outcomes
  • We want our members to be successful

Why join us?

By being a member of TUANZ you get to participate in the future:

  • By being part of a collective voice
  • By having a chance to learn
  • By networking with others
  • By attending events relevant to you
  • By being engaged with influencing Government
  • By helping to build a stronger user community

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Complaints & Disputes

If you have an issue with your retail provider and want to know what you can do about it then have a look at the suggestions on our Complaints & Disputes page.

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TUANZ After 5 Series

The TUANZ After 5s is a long established tradition and registrations for our upcoming events are now open. 

See our Events Page for more details.

Modern Telco Courses

Modern Telco In NZ Explained – 1 day

See our Events Page for full details, course registration details coming soon..

Executive Introduction to Telco In NZ – 2hrs

See our Events Page for full details, course registration details coming soon.

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